Worm Wigwam Worm Bin

The Worm Wigwam™ is designed to process large amounts of food and other organic waste. The byproduct, finished castings, is a readily usable or salable product reducing the need for chemical fertilizer. Just turn the harvest handle, remove the door and collect the earthworm castings from the bottom tray. There is good evidence that a large proportion of the essential plant nutrients that are in a relatively soluble form are washed out in other systems. The Worm Wigwam™ helps retain these nutrients.

The Worm Wigwam™ requires no compost turning and requires no separating of worms and partially decomposed waste from the finished castings. It is 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide and weighs 86 pounds. Users have reported up to hundreds of pounds of waste composted per year. The Worm Wigwam™ is heated and insulated for optimum year-round use. It features a raised floor design providing maximum aeration for faster worm feeding and shorter composting times. The system never needs to be emptied or restarted, using 100% of the composting area. Dick Sloane, of the National Institute of Health has this to say about the Worm Wigwam ™. “This is the best vermicomposting system that I have seen to date. Anyone interested in vermicomposting to accomplish organic waste diversion should definitely consider the Worm Wigwam ™. Two years later and ours are still diverting tons of organic waste from the landfill.”