American Resource Recovery

See how 50 pounds of earthworms steadily multiplied over four years to become over 70 acres of earthworms that now convert cardboard paper sludge to worm castings! This is undoubtedly the largest vermicomposting facility in North America. Mario Travalini takes you through his operation, showing how feedstocks are spread outdoors, earthworms are harvested and castings are screened in this model facility.

  • Learn how over 300 tons of paper waste arrive daily at this operation
  • See how hundreds of pounds of earthworms are harvested daily for resale
  • Observe the shaker deck screening operation that processes tons of castings
  • A great video for individuals or groups
  • See the tour site of VermiCo’s “New Horizons in Vermicomposting” Workshop

This is the premier outdoor California vermicomposting facility that ranks #1 in earthworm and castings production.

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