Best Management Practices in Vermicomposting Manual eBook

Best Management Practices Manual

Since we began the two-day Seminar in September 1999, we’ve had many requests for the material in the Best Management Practices in Vermicomposting Manual. Several have asked if the course manual is for sale. Until now, we’ve only made the manual available at the Seminar, largely to encourage people to attend the live performance. However, we realize that many people, for many reasons, simply cannot attend, but would appreciate having access to the material found in the manual.

Our first manual contained about 250 pages and our attendees spoke very highly of it. Today’s current edition contains over 420 pages divided into 13 tabbed sections. In the actual seminar, power point presentations, slides and videos are used in the first 4 or five sections only. Because of the great number of guest speakers used, we have never covered all the material contained in the manual during the live presentations. There simply has not been enough time to cover all the material over the two-day event.

Chapters in the Best Management Practices in Vermicomposting Manual

  1. Introduction: Waste Management Issues
  2. Composting: The Process
  3. Compost: The Product
  4. Biology & Ecology of Earthworms
  5. Vermicomposting: Process & Product
  6. Marketing
  7. Financing
  8. Site Design
  9. Operations
  10. Business Plan
  11. Regulations
  12. Resources
  13. Glossary of Terms

compiled by Peter Bogdanov