Continuous Flow Reactor DVD

Large-Scale Vermicomposting for Manure Management, Food Waste, Biosolids and other organic residuals features Dr. Scott Subler (Ohio State University & Pres. Pacific Garden Co.)

A 37-minute DVD showing the operation of an in-vessel system that transforms organic “waste” into earthworm castings.

Vermicomposting uses earthworms to transform organic residuals into a usable soil amendment: Worm castings. Changing weather conditions means outdoor row systems are limited to certain geographic areas. Now, an indoor, mechanized system using earthworms to process waste shows why this technology is faster, produces fewer odors and yields a better product than traditional composting methodologies.

  • Discover where these systems have been used successfully
  • Learn from site manager Curt Hawley the day-to-day operation
  • Dr. Scott Subler presents the benefits of castings and the market opportunities.
  • An excellent video for individuals or groups
  • Shows how vermicomposting on-site at a local dairy can take a waste management “headache” and turn it into an income-producing benefit
  • A video for Dairy operators, Solid Waste Managers, Recycling Coordinators, Educators, Ag Extension personnel, Farmers, Horticulturists, Entrepreneurs, and others interested in how earthworms turn waste into a valuable commodity.