Developing a Successful Business Around Earthworms

Developing A Successful Business in Earthworms

Can I really make a living selling worms?

  • Principles VermiCo has employed
  • How worm workers can impact the marketplace: a few case studies
  • Demographics: How do we know who’s out there and what do they want?
  • The future of the earthworm industry.

Special Survey of US Vermiculture Operations is included. An examination of 100 Earthworm Growers listed by US State (1996-2001) with observations about rate of industry turnover

See: Slides of several vermicomposting facilities, including: Pacific Southwest Farms (Ontario, CA), Canyon Recycling (San Diego, CA), Ecology Farms (Perris, CA), Yelm Earthworm & Castings Farm (Yelm, WA), Oregon Soil Corporation Continuous Flow Reactor (Portland, OR), American Resource Recovery (Vernalis, CA), Ocoee Florida Biosolids Vermicomposting, Eggen’s Vermitech Digester, Windle’s South Korean Worm Gin and more!


  • A 90 minute PowerPoint presentation that can be viewed on any PC.
  • Text, graphics and sound effects
  • Over 160 slides
  • 30 pages of text including tabulated demographic data

Presented by Peter Bogdanov at Vermillennium, September 2000.  This is a download that will be available at checkout.
by Peter Bogdanov