Food Waste Vermicomposting

The Perfect, In-Vessel, Climate-Controlled System for handling food, shredded paper, and other organic residuals

Al Eggen’s automated vermicomposting system transforms food and paper waste by earthworms that munch down organic debris and produce a high quality soil amendment, earthworm castings. His units have been installed at Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee, Traverse County, MI, Canadian Forces Base in Nova Scotia, various schools, The Medical University of South Carolina, a Psychiatric Hospital, DuPage College in Illinois, Metro Hall in Toronto, and new projects in Scotland.

  • Discover how particle size affects vermicomposting
  • Automated harvesting of castings
  • Blower & air-conditioning units control temperature
  • After food and paper waste is processed by earthworms, students will use castings for on-site garden use, conduct plant growth experiments and sell as a fund-raiser.

A 37-minute DVD with Al Eggen

Filmed at an 1100 -student private school in San Diego, CA—a new “zero-waste” campus.

See the complete, One-Day Installation of this temperature-controlled vermicomposting system

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