Gas Earthworm Harvester Plans eBook

VermiCo Harvester VermiCo offers two models of earthworm harvester plans to meet the needs of today’s Vermicomposting Operations. These units have been specially designed to be easy to use and to offer years of reliable service. The versatile trommel screen can be used either to separate earthworms from their bedding or to screen castings to produce a uniform product.

VermiCo harvesters are capable of harvesting up to 50 pounds of earthworms per hour. That’s about 400 lbs. of worms over an 8-hour harvesting day. You will reduce labor costs, increase earthworm sales and increase profits from marketing castings by investing in apiece of machinery that will provide you with years of service. Our harvester plans are designed from years of worm farm experience and consist of rugged components.

Special features of the VermiCo Worm Harvester

  • 16 gauge steel drum construction
  • Quiet, dependable operation
  • Mounted on four 12″ pneumatic tires for easy movement.
  • All joints are welded to help hold the frame rigid for a cleaner harvest.


  • Portability: Move your VermiCo harvester from one location to the next, using a standard pick-up truck.harvester in pickup
  • Maneuverability: Heavy duty, large pneumatic tires allow you to position your harvester anywhere along outdoor windrows.
  • Flexibility: Choose either the electric or gas-powered models.
  • Durability: The heavy-duty welded construction in every harvester we build is your guarantee of years of profitable use.

Two Plan Models Available:

We offer the flexibility of using either an electric-powered or gas-powered harvester, providing you with a safe, sensible, and economical alternative to harvesting worms by hand.This harvester is powered by a sturdy, Honda gasoline engine. Our gas model adds greater versatility, allowing field use where electrical power may be unavailable. The drum turns on heavy duty ball bearings and is powered by a reliable 4 hp gasoline engine, via a hydrostatic drive using industrial grade components for quiet, dependable operation. An added benefit of this model is that it allows the user to vary the drum speed to optimize the harvesting process.



DIMENSIONS: 11 ft. long x 44″ wide