Electric Earthworm Harvester Plans

VermiCo harvesterVermiCo’s Electric “E-Z Loading” Harvester Plans

This Electric Worm Harvester can be plugged into household current for immediate use. Heavy farm-duty motor used for drum drive is made for use with extension cords without motor damage. This unit is the most efficient electric-powered unit in the field today. Every part is tested in order to give trouble free harvesting.


  • MACHINE WEIGHT: 425 lbs.
  • DIMENSIONS: 12 ft long x 44″ wide
  • CYLINDER: 9 ft. long

E-125 optional feature: An “instant stop” electrical overload switch that will stop the motor instantly if the drum encounters an obstacle.

Electric HarvesterFits in the back of a pick up VermiCo Electric Worm Harvester

Electric Harvester Plans $250 includes shipping