Blueprint for a Successful Vermiculture Compost System

OSCR blueprintsBlueprint for a Successful Vermiculture Compost System

by Dan Holcombe & John Longfellow

This blueprint for a successful vermiculture compost system is modeled on the famous continuous flow, Oregon Soil Corp. Reactor. It includes construction drawings, operators guide, operation plan, parts list, and site license. Build an OSCR from plywood and screws. Add insulation and soil cable heating system to keep the bin at a constant 72° F. Dimensions of the bin are 36″ wide x 48″ long x 36″ high. Make out of new or used materials. Plans include directions to make harvesting screen and audit box. Many diagrams, charts and graphs. Add feedstock to the top of the system and harvest castings and worm tea from harvest chamber below. Use of these bins allows you to keep worms at their happiest in the coldest conditions. (VermiCo uses these as incubation bins throughout the winter.) Students at UC Berkeley constructed dozens of these.