Vermicomposting Compost Thermometer

Scientists have found that worms eat and breed best at a temperature of 25 degrees Centigrade which is about 72 74 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature of their environment either exceeds 80 degrees or becomes less than 55 degrees, worm activity slows down but does not cease altogether.

Because temperature control and monitoring should be important to the commercial grower, a compost thermometer is highly recommended. Compost thermometers have long stems (24″ or longer) that can be inserted in the worm bed to accurately measure the bed’s temperature. The head of the thermometer, normally reading temperatures up to 200 degrees or more, is attached to a metallic shaft that is inserted into the soil. Once the thermometer is inserted in the pile, an accurate measurement is obtained within 45 seconds.

We have found that the Reo Temp compost thermometer is a lasting investment in a quality instrument. When used carefully and in accordance with the instructions, it should serve the user well for a lifetime