Worm Wigwam FAQ

Worm Wigwam cutawayWorm Wigwam FAQ

Q. How many pounds of worms do you recommend starting out with?

A. We recommend that you start out with a minimum of 15 – 20 pounds and a maximum of 40 pounds.

Q. What type of bedding material would you recommend?

A. Bedding is a high carbon material that provides bulk to the waste to increase air flow. The ideal carbon to nitrogen ratio of waste for vermicomposting is 30:1. Typical bedding materials used are: Shredded paper and cardboard waste, shredded leaves, wood shavings or chips, chopped straw or hay, coir, sawdust (avoid cedar).

Q. What should the moisture level be?

A. Worms thrive in a very wet environment. The ideal moisture range in 80 – 90%.

Q. Do I operate the Worm Wigwam the same as a regular worm bin?

A. Disregard everything you have read about feeding a worm bin! The Worm Wigwam uses a completely different technology and is thus managed very differently. Using other techniques will defeat the purpose of the system and possibly harm the worms.

Q. How do I harvest the vermicompost?

A. Grip the harvest handle and crank it until you feel it stop. Reverse and crank until you feel the opposite stop. Repeat this process until a 1 inch layer has fallen into the bottom tray. You can now remove the castings or allow them to remain in the tray for drying until the next feeding time or remove it immediately for use.

Q.How often do I harvest the castings?

A. Every time you feed the wigwam you harvest the castings

Q. So what is the biggest advantage of the Worm Wigwam over other types of worm bins?

A. The biggest advantage is the natural separation of the worms from the finished castings. Because of the flow through design the worms never have to be separated from the castings. And because of the design, the Worm Wigwam will process more organic waste than any other system.

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    are you shipping the Worm Wigwam also in Germany? When the answer is yes how much will be then the shipping costs?

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